The Facts About Colocation Hosting

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Considering Hosting On Your Own Server?
The advantages of hosting a website on your own server are really very beneficial but there are certain factors that make it an improbable course of action. Using your own server gives you a greater guarantee that you will manage to retain the level of security and reliability that your site demands but you pay a premium for the infrastructure that is required. Not only do you need to have a server room that offers perfect conditions and a stable energy supply but the reality is that you will likely have to pay for full time staff. At the very least you will need a technician to manage and control the server itself as well as a network engineer to manage the computer based aspects of your server. These costs soon add up.

Why Colocation Hosting?
Colocation hosting offers a much less expensive way to own and maintain your own web server. A colocation center is a large facility that houses servers for many different types of organization. As well as providing ample and suitable room for any server they also tend to offer a more managed solution with technicians and other staff on hand to assist. Because you don’t have to provide the room or the full time employees to manage your server it keeps the cost down to a minimum while providing many of the advantages of using your own server.

Differences Between Dedicated Server And Colocation Hosting
Colocation hosting is quite different to dedicated server hosting for a couple of major reasons. You do not tend to own a dedicated server and these are usually owned by the hosting company and subsequently rented or leased out to those who need them. In contrast a colocation server is owned solely by you but housed in another location.

Differences Between Shared And Colocation Hosting
Shared hosting has a number of problems for the large organization and website. Primarily these problems stem from sharing a single server with one or more companies. Because the server you share needs to be accessible and user friendly for all concerned a lot of disk space may be taken with software and applications that you don’t need. Another problem with sharing a server is that you leave yourself open to the effects of any scripts that others may install. If a script is corrupt or prone to hacking you leave yourself wide open to attack.

Some shared hosting companies mismanage the allotment of websites to servers. In some cases this can lead to overfilled servers. At best this will mean poor loading times and errors with the sites that are hosted on that server. It can, as a worst case scenario, also lead to significant downtime for your website. In turn this can cause the potential loss of thousands of dollars or more in revenue and earnings.

The Cost Of Serving Your Own Server
The decision to move to your own server is one that many people leave and leave because they are afraid of the infrastructure cost. In general, if people are leaving your site quickly due to poor page loading times, fewer people are returning to your site, or you are suffering from a much greater downtime than normal, then it is a good time to move to a dedicated server or, better still, to your own server. All of these potential shared hosting problems that are encountered by the larger user can lose you potential business.

Factors To Consider Before Using Your Own Server
Determining whether colocation hosting is a more ideal solution than completely managing your own server is relatively simple. You must consider whether you have the resources available to house your own server. Do you have the room for a server? New servers are comparatively small but the room should provide the right levels of humidity, dryness, and temperature to name just a few. You also need to consider the amount of power it takes to run a server and the fact that power surges and power outage may mean lost revenue.

Do you have the capability to effectively manage a server? This involves the mechanical aspect of looking after the machinery as well as the knowledge to run your own network. Even if you have the knowledge do you have the time to spare? If you suddenly face a problem with your server can you afford to spare anything from a few minutes to several hours in a bid to fix the problem?

Can you provide a secure location? Data theft is big business for the thieves and gaining access to one or more web servers is a quick and ultimately profitable way to gain that information. Colocation centers generally provide an excellent level of security that you are unlikely to be able to rival unless you are a sizable organization with good financial resources.

Choosing A Colocation Center
A colocation center can help bypass the majority of these problems. Obviously, choosing colocation hosting is like choosing any other hosting service and you will need to shop around to find the best deals and the most reliable colocation centers; here are some of the important factors you should look for.

Power To The Building
The building itself is vitally important. Multiple power access points provide security against power outages. The building should be connected to at least two different grids to ensure that an outage with one particular grid will not take the whole center with it. Ideally every server will have the capability to connect to each of these grids. Also, the best colocation centers also have a power backup facility. In the event that all external power is prevented from coming in to the building this backup power source will provide all the energy needed.

Ensure The Building Is Fully Secure
The building should be completely secure. This will generally necessitate a 24-hour guard as well as cameras. As we mentioned above, data thieves would love to gain access to a building like this because of the amount of personal data that could be accessed relatively easily and quickly. Always check the security of a colocation center before you consider its use. The loss of data is more than just a possible hindrance to your business, it could be financially fatal for your personally and your customers.

Proper Mounting For Servers
The server rooms, or room, must provide optimal running conditions for servers. The room must be clean, damp-proof, dry, and the right temperature and humidity. All these factors should not only be easy to test but provision should be in place to ensure that adjustments can be made to alter each one. Cages, cabinets, and racks should be provided to mount the servers.

The Difficulty With Choosing A Colocation Center
There is a surprisingly large number of colocation hosting centers across the world. It would be impossible to visit more than one or possibly two when you are searching for the right center for you. Because of this, it is more reasonable to rely on the reviews and decisions of trusted others. Bear in mind that many hosting providers use colocation centers themselves and may share their center with other hosts, big businesses, and other corporations.

Colocation Conclusion
Colocation hosting is a cost effective way to own and run your own server. It is a step above using a dedicated server package but does not come with the hefty infrastructure costs associated with owning your own server in your own location. There are many factors to consider before making your final decision regarding the best colocation center but it would be impractical to tour more than one or two during your search. Use a reliable and trustworthy company to review the sites and centers and make your decision according to these reviews. Never simply jump in with the first company you see and always try to do a little of your own research where possible.