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Why Email Hosting Is So Important

Email has become a critical part of almost every business. The Internet has seen to it that communication should be quicker, easier, and a lot more convenient.

Whereas the phone only enables the sending or relaying of a message it also allows two way communication but no sending of data. Faxes allow the sending of data but are impersonal and often impractical. Email, on the other hand, offers a convenient way to send information.

Office and other software documents can be transmitted over the Internet accompanied by an explanation and message. These documents can then be read, stored, amended, and returned by the recipient. All of this is unachievable through a phone or fax connection. So, email is critical to the running of most businesses but how do you select the best email host?

Do You Really Need To Change Host?
The first thing to decide on, even before you determine your budget, is whether you and your business would genuinely benefit from changing email host. If you currently use a free email service like Hotmail or Gmail then a hosted email account would almost certainly look more professional. However, if your current email system is working fine and you have no problems or difficulties with the host then you have to consider whether it is really worth changing host.

Deciding On And Sticking To The Confines Of Your Budget
Unfortunately all business decisions are made with a budget in mind. If you are responsible for the setting of your budget then this may make it easier, however, if somebody else within your organization is responsible then you may be best determining how much you require and then requesting it. Email really can prove critical to a business. Without good email communication you are likely to lose customers and will almost certainly lose information that is relayed between you and your customers and vendors. With email hosting you can ensure that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your Technical Ability
Do you have the technical know-how to make changing host a seamless transition? If not, is there somebody else in your organization that does? It is important to remember that your employees and colleagues may also require help changing their email client settings. Even if somebody in your organization has the ability do they have the time to walk every member of staff through the necessary processes step by step? Done incorrectly and not only will a person lose their email contact while the problem is sorted but it can take a lot longer to resolve the issue.

Customer Service And Technical Support
If technical knowledge is an issue then you should almost certainly rely on managed email hosting. This type of account will do the walking for you. Your host will do all the work on the server end, ensuring that your email server is configured to perfectly match your needs. They will almost certainly be able to offer you a guide to alter your email settings in Outlook and other email clients too. Managed email hosting does generally cost a little more, but in the long run it may prove more cost efficient.

You should always ensure that you get the level of support you will require from any hosting account. With the importance of email communication being so high this is especially important for you. Email support should definitely be offered but ironically even quick email responses are not as fast as a phone call to the technical support line in some cases. If there comes a time when your email server is down and you need instant help to resolve the issue and receive your emails again then you will want to know that technical support is available at the end of a phone line as well as an Internet connection.

Features And Compatibility
The features and technology promised by a company are obviously important although relatively limited in terms of email hosting. The most important feature you need to check is that email hosting is compatible with the email client you favor within your organization. If you currently use Microsoft and are looking at email hosting that does not support this then you would more than likely be better off looking elsewhere for email hosting.

Email Hosting Conclusion
Email hosting provides a secure and stable method to send and receive emails, a vital business communication tool. While there aren’t quite as many hosts that offer dedicated email hosting as there are web hosts, there is still a wide range of choice available to you. If you’re certain that changing email hosts is the right move for you and your organization then find a hosting package that stays within the confines of your budget but provides the support and compatibility you require.