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What Is Cheap Hosting?
Cheap hosting accounts are always shared hosting. This means that your website will be hosted on a server along with one or more websites. It is typical for a large number of sites to share the same server, which in itself isn’t a problem, unless the host misallocates disk pace or bandwidth, or if another site on the server you use does something to undermine the security of the entire server. There are usually limits in place to prevent any of this from happening but you should try to be sure before purchasing that this is the case.

Why Cheap Hosting Is Usually Unix Hosting
Cheap hosting also usually comes in the shape of Unix hosting. This is because Unix platforms cost less to set up when compared to Windows hosting. However, the concept of cheap hosting is comparative and there are cheap Windows hosting accounts available when compared to other similar packages. If you are looking for the most affordable method to host a website though, Unix is the preferred method. Not only do hosting costs generally work out cheaper but the software required for developing your website can be acquired for cheap or free, in most cases. In comparison Windows hosting usually requires the purchase of commercial software that is designed and sold by Microsoft.

The Limits
Cheap hosting will generally be limited in one or more ways. One method that hosts use to offer cheap packages is to offer a relatively limited amount of disk space or bandwidth. Both are important factors and you should ensure that you have enough of both with any hosting package. Also consider that most websites evolve and expand in terms of both these factors so try to plan for the future to an extent. At the very least you should make sure that it is possible and cost effective to upgrade your hosting package at a later date if needed.

Considering The Control Panel
Always look at the control panel you will be given. Most hosts use one of the major control panels like Plesk or Cpanel but others may offer their own. Ensure that the control panel you will be using offers everything you need it to. It should be easy to use and in most cases should come packed with useful features. Whatever you are looking for from a host ensure that they offer it before you sign up. Many hosts do provide the option to add extra features onto an account but these can come at a premium so care needs to be taken.

Check The Limits Of The Account Aren’t Too Limiting
Ensure that any limits placed on your account are good enough for you to effectively publish and manage your website and online business. For example check the number of email accounts you receive as part of your package. Separate email hosting is available from some hosts but it is certainly cheaper if you can get the right amount of accounts through your website host. Also look at the disk space limit placed on each account and decide if that will be enough.

Value Added Extras
Even cheap hosting tends to include value added extras. One useful added extra is a free domain name. These cost roughly the equivalent of one month’s hosting so getting a domain registration for free actually offers an excellently priced addition. Always beware of accounts that promise unlimited disk space or bandwidth.

The Limits Of Unlimited Offers
Both disk space and bandwidth are exhaustible commodities to any host. It is literally impossible to be able to deliver an unlimited amount of either and in the majority of cases you will generally find that there is a limit to unlimited. The place to look for further information on these limits is the terms and conditions page. While we generally ignore these pages it is important to look through the main details when looking for a hosting account. Some hosts will block your account when you go over the limits and some of these hosts don’t give specific details of what the limits are. Be very careful if you sign up for any hosting account that promises unlimited disk space and, in the terms and conditions, declares that the unlimited offer remains as long as you do not exceed a reasonable amount.

Cheap Hosting Conclusion
Cheap hosting is not difficult to come by. The majority of shared hosting providers offer at least one cheap hosting package and, generally, they offer very good features for the average website. Ensure that you receive enough bandwidth and disk space to entertain all your guests, consider the control panel you receive, and try to find some reviews regarding the company themselves to determine whether they live up to their promises. Where unlimited offers are concerned it is imperative that you check the terms and conditions to find the actual limit. Don’t discount those that do offer unlimited but make sure that the deal is really as good as it looks.

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