BlueHost Review

Blue Host goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that its customers get the kind of service they deserve and that keeps them coming back. Some of these perks include:

    free domain name registration
    a website builder
    $75 total in free advertising credits
    a free marketing package
    a free shopping cart
    99.9% uptime guarantee

Blue Host realizes that time is money, and when you lose money because your website has lost time, it reflects directly on your hosting provider. They believe that you should get a value for your money and not have to sacrifice for an affordable hosting solution. Let’s take a look at why these perks can be so valuable to you.

First, we have the free domain name registration

Although domain name registration can be cheap these days, a penny saved is a penny earned. Just because you can afford to pay for your own domain name registration, does not mean you should have to. Although it is very a small amount of money, it can still be used on other things for yourself or your business. Blue Host understands this and thinks that $15 per year is a small price to pay to give their customers a little ‘thank you’ for their business.

Next is Blue Host’s amazing website builder

Whether you are a large-scale company or a preteen looking to have their own place on the Internet, Blue Host’s website builder can help you build the kind of website you need -- while having no programming experience. You can also use free website plug-in scripts to add to your website and make your customers feel as though they are encountering a truly professional business or will ‘wow’ your friends and family, if you are running a personal website.

Next up, free advertising!

What better way for a hosting company to let their customers know their business is appreciated than to offer free advertising. This means $25 to Google AdWords and $50 to Yahoo Search Marketing, for customers who don’t yet have a hosting provider, as well as $50 to Yahoo Search Marketing for customers who are transferring from another hosting provider. Just imagine what kind of great traffic you can get by having $75 to use to promote your company on these two popular search engines. Google and Yahoo both do millions of searches a day for people all over the world, some of whom may just be looking for the product or service you provide. Just imagine what kind of sales you can make with a highly advertised spot on one of these search engines.

Once you have used your credits to Google and Yahoo, you will need a new way to keep the customers rolling in. How can Blue Host help you solve this? By offering you a free marketing package. With this marketing package, you’ll be able to determine what kind of keywords you need to use to get the most traffic to your website and gain a good spot in search engine listings, so that people will continue to be able to find your business and buy your products and services. Remember, marketing a business online takes several areas of knowledge. This includes knowing where to advertise in order to find the most customers, what kind of keywords you need to use to be first in search engine results, and how to optimize the tags for each page of your website. Blue Host can help you do all this and more for no extra cost.

Now that you know what kind of great benefits Blue Host can offer you, don’t you think its time to give them a try?

Let them help you start, run, and maintain your business or personal website, and you will discover just how much a good Web hosting company can mean to your website. Visit Blue Host today and find a package that is perfect for you.

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