Blue Fish Hosting

Are you swimming around the pond of commercial web hosting? Well I have been for several years now and signed up with a multitude of hosts offering the world but ultimately unable to deliver.

So, can I claim that Blue Fish is any different? Yes. If you are serious about your web host, and you recognize the importance of small advantages in the open marketplace, lend me your ear for a couple of minutes. I will give you a brief low down on what I found out about Blue Fish hosting.

Blue Fish?
To start with, it is evident to me that Blue Fish has been put together with the customer in mind, rather than offering as little performance as possible for as much money as possible. We customers get so frustrated with products obviously concocted by technically competent people who so obviously possess not an iota of common sense; right? So that was the first thing that struck me about Blue Fish web hosting: they must have been past subscribers to other hosting packages and, perhaps from frustration, decided to do something better themselves. That is conjecture; however, I can give you their headline features, for starters.

Blue Fish Headline Grabbers
The first thing to note is that while I have never based my web hosting choice on price – that is, after my original forays into this field - Blue Fish is in fact extremely competitively priced at just $6.95 per month or about 23 cents per day. Okay, but what do you get for your money? I will zip through all the features which match anyone else's in the same marketplace and then draw your attention to one or two more specifically.


6 GB of Storage Space – more than enough for pretty much any application.
Unlimited Email Accounts – what a relief! No more worries about future capacity.
Unlimited FTP Accounts – another supremely sensible but often overlooked facility.
Shared or Dedicated SSL – not everyone offers this and now you have the choice.
OS Commerce or Agora – more choice, once again, meaning there are more options for you and your customer.
MS FrontPage Extensions - they really do cater for the less computer literate amongst us.
PHP & 5 MySQL Databases - they have added in the best here.
CGI-bin Access & Scripts – crucial to many operations and makes life easier as sites age.
100 Gigs Data Transfer – utterly irreplaceable! If you can't shift your work quickly, why even bother?
Detailed Website Statistics – a real luxury without having to pay extra.
Easy Web Builder Utility – an absolute 'must' for anyone inexperienced in coding or advanced website design programs.
Business Site Templates – they just want to make this as simple and user friendly as possible, don't they?
Simple PayPal eCommerce – no more fiddling around on this front.
Unique IP's Available – incredibly important for many of us.
phpBB, Blog & Chat – fantastic!

Blue Fish Awards
I found out that Blue Fish Web Hosting is the number one rated web site host by I remain calmly unsurprised. Blue Fish is also an award winner from Web Host Directory USA and was the Editor's Choice at These are not awards to be scoffed at; organisations have opinions about Blue Fish and that is good news.

Blue Fish Distinctive Marks
Well, I promised to tell you what I thought was the best of Blue Fish Web Hosting, so I shall. It is so easy to relate. My favorites are the 6 GB capacity and 100 gigs data transfer plus a general sense that it has all been put together by competent and knowledgeable people who understand the problems and frustrations encountered by eager webmasters and web professionals. Blue Fish Web Hosting has an ultra clean smell about it that gives you the confidence to build your business now without queries in the back of your mind about future web hosting performance. Good for them and good luck to you!