Beyond Reselling: Service Ideas For Today’s Web Hosting Reseller

If you are looking into becoming a Web hosting reseller, there are other ways that you can make money through your business rather than just selling hosting packages. Even if you don’t have the skills and talents necessary to perform these extra services, you can always outsource your work to freelancers and contractors. There are three main services that can be a good match with your Web hosting business. They are Web design, marketing, and content creation. You can try one of these or all of them, but including these into your offerings will help increase your profit and help give your customers -- especially your business customers -- a complete website solution.

Web Design

Most customers who are using their website for anything important would benefit from Web design. If you are dealing with small businesses or other professionals, then they will likely get this service from somewhere else if you don’t offer it to them. Not only can you offer to design their website, but you can also extend your services to creating banner ads and flyers.

You can personalize your service as much as possible by having at least one Web designer work with the client closely, taking the time to involve them in everything and consult with them on a daily basis. The more your customers feel that they were included with the process, the more secure they will feel about the outcome of the final result. You should also stress a continued relationship between the Web designer and the client by having the designer call the client one or two times a month to ask if the client needs any updates, adjustments, or has any questions regarding the website.

It is important to realize that these services need to be directed to those who have a small business or another reason to need to have a professionally made website. This is not the type of service that people will pay for in order to create a personal webpage. You may be able to offer a website building software with your resell packages if you buy those packages from a company that includes one.

Marketing Services

Marketing services may be another great choice to offer your business customers, especially if they are new to running an online business. The more customers your customers are able to bring in, the more successful they will be. You should help to nurture that success because, as long as they are successful, they will continue to be a customer -- even more so if you had a hand in that success.

There are many services within the scope of marketing that you can offer to your clients. For example, you can help them search out the best keywords (the ones that will get them the most customers and rank well in organic search results on major search engines, like Google and Yahoo) and instruct them on how to place those keywords throughout their website content on each page. You can also manage their Pay-Per-Click campaigns, where Google and Yahoo place their website link in easily seen places (both on the search engines results page and other related websites who have signed up to advertise PPC websites) and, in return, the client pays them for each visitor that comes to their website via those links. You can also help them find the best places to place banner advertisements and help negotiate a price for this advertising. You can even help them set-up and manage an affiliate program (where they have people advertising for them and they give those people a commission each time they help create a sale).

Just like your Web designers, your marketing team should also work closely with each client, conversing with them often and keeping them updated on strategy. This will promote a feeling of trust in the client and help build a foundation for a long-term partnership between them and your company. Remember, competitors may often be sending your customers solicitations to try their services, but having a close relationship with their marketer or designer will heighten your chances that your client will ignore these invitations.

Content Creation & Copy-Writing

Lastly, you can offer a content creation service. All websites need content, whether it be simple and straight forward information or sales writing, and some business owners may not realize that they can find these services on the Internet. By offering this service, not only will you help put money in the pocket of your business but, you will help your customers save money because they will not have to hire another employee that they must keep on their payroll. Offering marketing services and content creation together will allow you to not only seek out the most productive keywords for your clients, but place them within the content so that they will perform to their best potential within the search engine results.

Although you may or not be able to help your individual customers out by offering them these extra services, you can still offer these professional services to bigger clients. You may even able to gain hosting customers who originally came to your website for one of these extra services, but decided to pick up hosting services as well. Additionally, the more of these extra services you offer, the more you can make them work together to give your clients the best results possible.