Application Specific Hosting

What Is Application Specific Hosting?

There is a need for certain documents and files to be stored on the Internet without the need for a website to accompany them. Whether it is for personal use or for commercial use there are valid reasons to store pictures and videos online for example. Developing and maintaining a website to hold a picture album is excessive in the majority of cases. The same can also be said for a wide range of other files. Even certain web based applications that you might ordinarily associate with being attached to a website do not require a full dedicated web presence and hosting account.

Hosting these types of file and application is not cost effectively achieved through the establishment of your own website. Hosting a website that includes pictures of your latest vacation is certainly excessive especially because there are services available that do not require this level of website.

Blog Hosting

Blogs have become one of the most popular methods of posting information and resources to the Internet. For those without a website and without the inclination to set one up a number of blog hosts exist that offer fully hosted blogs either free of charge or for a fee.

Free Services

Those that are free of charge generally have more restrictions placed on the account and may require forced advertisements or a blog bar at the top of the page. For personal blogs they offer everything that is needed. They offer a near instant setup, your own domain name, a simple content management system that enables the quick posting of entries, and much more.

Design Using Basic Templates

Blog hosting from specialist services provides users with a template based design facility. You can pick a template and, in some cases, make minor alterations to that template. Once you have chosen your template and completed the short signup process you will immediately be given your own, hosted blog.

Paid Services

Paid blog hosting offers a lot more in the way of functionality and personalization. The blog host still usually provides templates but there are generally more ways to customize the blog and alter its appearance. It may be possible to include your own logo or banner and you will also usually be given access to dynamic blog features such as web polls and votes.

Choosing A Blog Hosting Service

If you are looking for a blog host for business purposes then you really should consider the use of a commercial host and the purchase of your own domain name. Because you are not forced to include any advertisements or the bar that is used to develop blog networks you can gain a much more professional feel and appearance to your blog.

Media File Hosting

While blogs have been the single most popular advance of the Internet in recent years, media hosting has not been without its popularity. Sites like Youtube enable you and other Internet users to post videos for free. These videos can then be viewed by other visitors or you can embed them in your site using the appropriate HTML code. You can also provide a link to anyone that needs to see the content of your videos.

Video hosting is only a part of media hosting. Similar services that concentrate on the hosting of images or pictures also exist and operate in a similar manner. Again, these can be used simply as a point of reference to direct people to or they can be used to host your images in order that you can add them to your website without using your own diskspace.

Using MySpace

MySpace has also grown in popularity. This community-networking site enables you to host pictures, videos, and even music on a free page. The uses and possibilities are far stretched. Some bands have been discovered by using MySpace as a legitimate method to promote their music while businesses and websites use MySpace in order to effectively market their products, their service, or their main website.

Wiki Hosting From Wiki Farms

A wiki is a valuable portal of the Internet community. Generally speaking, a wiki is completely open to enable anyone to add, edit, or delete articles. They can be used as an excellent resource and provide website owners with another invaluable resource of information to their visitors. Not to mention, of course, that they provide yet another source of Internet real estate.

The Wiki Farm

The changing size and shape of a wiki makes it difficult to administer yourself, without a server. However, a wiki farm is a host that offers the opportunity to host your wiki on their servers. They provide a stable environment for what could be one of the more valuable assets to your online presence. Wiki farms do not generally cater to exceptionally large wikis and in these cases it may be necessary to have your own server or make specific arrangements with a host provider.

Other File Hosts

Offering software and other applications to your users can cost a great deal in bandwidth. This is particularly true of shareware or freeware applications that are offered at no cost. Many users will want to take advantage of the free software and every time it is downloaded it adds to your total bandwidth usage. If the application is even relatively large and you have a reasonable amount of traffic on a regular basis it can make using your shared hosting account to host this software unreasonable and very expensive.

While some free software and file hosting services do exist, it is unlikely that any free service will accommodate the mass of bandwidth that is often associated with free software downloads. In these cases you will more than likely need a paid service that charges according to your requirements.


It is possible to host and server a wide range of different files and even web pages on the Internet without having to have your own website or even a “normal” hosting account. Blog hosting, media hosting, and even software hosting is generally available in free and paid versions. While free versions offer one major advantage they are invariably unable to offer the same level of functionality, customization, and limits that the paid versions allow.