Apollo Hosting Review

One of the first things that stands out about Apollo hosting is their money-back guarantee. More specifically, if you are not satisfied with your hosting services, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days -- no questions asked.

A lot of companies can talk, claiming that they are the best provider and they offer an array of services you cannot live without, but Apollo hosting truly backs up what they say by giving you a full month risk-free. This is how certain they are that you will love their hosting services and that you will continue to be a customer.

If you haven’t yet heard of Apollo hosting, it is surprising. The company has been in business for half a decade and currently has hundreds of thousands of customers. Throughout the past five years, Apollo hosting has made a name for itself with a long list of satisfied customers. The satisfaction of these customers is why Apollo hosting is so sure of its money-back policy.

What else makes Apollo hosting a number one Web hosting provider?

It is called Site Symphony, and it allows any user, of any skill or age, to make the kind of website they’ve always dreamed of. With Site Symphony, you can breeze through the creation of your new website and have it live within no time. You start off by choosing from a large variety of website templates and then adding the words and images to it that will make your website truly yours. If you intend to run a business, it will be easy to put your products on the website for customers to buy. There are close to a thousand design options just waiting for you, once you are an Apollo hosting customer.

If your still not big on making your own website, you can work closely with the staff at Apollo hosting and they will create one for you. This will be a truly professional website created by people with tons of education and experience in the Web design Industry. In the end, you will be guaranteed a website that meets all of your expectations and draws customers to your products.

But the superior service does not stop there!

Apollo hosting also has professionals that can help market your business and your website to potential customers. You can either do this yourself, through their Get Traffic Toolbox, or you can choose to leave it to the professionals with marketing packages that start at just $30 a month. The Get Traffic Toolbox can help you in a variety of important areas, including search engine optimization, statistical analysis, and keywords that will help customers find your business easily.

You may be wondering what will happen when your website is finished? Who will take care of it? Once again Apollo hosting comes to your rescue. After Apollo hosting has created your website and implemented a professional marketing strategy, they will then maintain the website for free.

They will make updates and additions that need to be made, without charging you a single extra time. This service will save you a ton of money each month and give you less things to worry about.

If your hosting needs reach beyond the hosting packages provided by Apollo hosting, they also have dedicated servers available that come with the same great benefits as their hosting packages. You can also take advantage of their Virtual Private Server, which will be easier on your wallet than a dedicated server, and is a good alternative to shared hosting plans.

Last, but certainly not least, Apollo hosting is on call 24 hours a day to answer any customer service and technical support questions you may have. All of their service representative are based in the United States, and they do not outsource to other parts of the world as many other companies do. This means that your call to Apollo hosting will be smooth, clear, and easy. Just another way Apollo hosting puts their customers first and how they strive to keep their clients on track.