Apache Hosting?

An Introduction To Apache
Apache is the shortened and more common name for an Apache Web Server. It is in the public domain and served under an open source license so any developers can take the source code and alter it precisely to match their needs. The Apache Group is a twenty strong group of developers that are largely responsible for the programming and updating of the source code. Because the source code is widely available and has been altered and enhanced by programmers from all around the Internet there is a large library of scripts and add-ons that can be used to further enhance the code. These are free for anyone to take, use, and, if required, alter to match their requirements.

Widespread Apache Use
Apache is presently the most popular web server software available and while it is generally run using Unix operating systems it is becoming more common for it to be run using Windows operating systems as well as other platforms as well. Part of the appeal of the Apache software, apart from being open source, is that it supports PHP and MySQL. As a result it can be used to host dynamic web pages and numerous web applications. It is also incredibly robust and offers superb functionality.

Why Webmasters Use Apache Server Software
In most cases it would be simple enough to say that webmasters use Apache to serve their websites because it’s free and it does the job. However, that is far from being the full story. The fact is that nearly three quarters of all websites on the Internet use Apache server software for various reasons. First off, it is free, which is obviously a major bonus but proponents of the old adage that you get what you pay for will be sorely disappointed.

Apache Source Code Modules
Because Apache is open source some incredibly gifted programmers have lent their talents to the further improvement of the software. The result, of course, is a better Apache. There is some debate over the origin of the name Apache. While some say it is based on the American Indian tribe others will tell you it is because it was originally a patchy server. Using an existing and completely inferior server package, the original programmers added their own patches to improve it and this act has continued ever since.

Another advantage of the open source nature of the Apache project is that as well as the improvements made to the source code as a whole there is also a hugely extensive library of code add-ons and features. Of course, if you or someone in your organization understands the source code and wants to alter anything about Apache you are free to do so. You don’t even have to share the resulting code with the rest of the community if you don’t want to.

Further Advantages Of Using Apache Software
Apache also remains the most popular web server software in the world because of its cross platform compatibility. Whereas Windows Server software will only run in a Windows environment you can run Apache on virtually any conceivable operating system. Another difference is security. As with various aspects of Windows, the Server software leaves a lot to be desired in terms of security. Windows releases dozens of patches every few months in a bid to counteract this but as they beat one problem another seems to surface. In contrast, Apache runs smoothly and securely.

The Cost Of Apache Hosting
Because Apache is so popular it is hardly surprising that the vast majority of hosting providers offer Apache index support. Either shop around to find the best deal or consider any other factors that are essential in a hosting account for your website. Consider whether you need a dedicated server or shared hosting because the difference in price between these two is huge. Shared Apache hosting generally costs from as little as $6 or $7 per month compared to more than $100 per month for dedicated server hosting.

Apache is the most commonly used and most popular server software. Not only does it offer cross platform compatibility running on Linux and Windows operating systems but also it is open source. This means that the software is already very advanced but through the various open source libraries and directories it is possible to download further code. Alternatively you can amend the code yourself or add entirely new code to what is already there. Prices can vary greatly from one host to another and it is important to look at all factors before deciding on the right Apache hosting plan for your needs.