SEO Definitions And Terms – Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible, text section of a link. It is the words that a person clicks when following a link. As well as being used as an enticing and appealing way to encourage visitors to travel through or away from your site (in the case of affiliate links) they are also used in search engine ranking algorithms.

Search engines love links. They view them as being a vote of confidence and a sign of a useful page. However, they also use the anchor text of a link to help determine the subject of the linked page. For example, a link that uses the words “Anchor Text” as the anchor text will be viewed as being suitable to that keyword.

When other websites link to your pages it is important that you are able to decide on the actual anchor text used. Having the name of your site as the anchor text will help you hit the top spots when surfers look specifically for your site, but how many visitors are likely to search for that exact phrase? Choose a list of the important keywords to your pages and try to use these in the anchor text. One per link should be more than adequate and will help your search engine rankings.

A commonly seen mistake is using the words “click here” as the anchor text. While the context that fits around this may explain to your visitors exactly what the page is, search engines use the anchor text itself to determine the subject of the page. In the eyes of Google and other search engines, the linked page is based on the subject “click here”.