Google Optimization Tips – Anchor Text

Google concentrate most of their algorithmic efforts on content and inbound links. These are two fairly general terms but the principle is that optimizing the content itself will give Google an indication of the particular terms and keywords that your site is related to. Inbound links will then propel your site up the rankings and give you greater results. The more links, the higher you appear on the search results.

The problem with inbound links isn’t simply how to gain them, but the best format for those links. Text links are by far the best, with banners and other graphic links providing comparatively little in the way of Google weight. Whether you choose to request links from other sites or use the preferred method of submitting articles to article directories with a link to your page in the final, “about the author” section you need to try to keep control of the link.

The anchor text is the actual text that is displayed to encourage people to click the link. Google use this to help determine the relevance of your page to different keywords. By concentrating one article or one link on a specific page of your site and using anchor text that relates to that page you indicate certain things to the Google spiders. If another site links to your own site using your main keyword as the anchor text, then your pages are clearly geared towards that topic. This is a very beneficial move.

There are two common mistakes that many webmasters make. The first, and perhaps more common with intrasite links is to use “click here” as the anchor text. This essentially gives Google no real indication of the topic of your pages and should be avoided.

The second mistake is to use the name of your site as the anchor text on every link you request. This can sometimes be beneficial for company branding or if your company name is based on very strong keywords. However, in the majority of cases, you must consider how few people will actually find your website by searching for your name.

Keywords are very important to websites. Even as search engines like Google try to promote the use of natural content they still have to look for some type of keyword that your page is related to. The anchor text of your inbound links is one such area. Concentrate your efforts on gaining inbound links with the appropriate keywords placed in the anchor text for each page of your site. It will pay dividends.