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Adult Hosting Considerations
If this is the first time you’ve been looking for a host for an adult site you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be as easy as picking a host for any site. After all, web hosts don’t care that you’re hosting adult content on one of their servers, do they?
Well, in all honesty, they often don’t care so much that your site contains adult images. What they do care about is the high traffic and high bandwidth that you’re likely to use in the process of sharing this content with others.

High Traffic Means A Greater Drain Of Resources
The problem is that adult sites are notoriously high traffic because they are based on one of the most popular online topics available. Another problem is that while the huge majority of other sites are text based with perhaps one or two pictures or media files, adult sites tend to be heavily concentrated in images and videos. Every time one of these is requested or downloaded by a visitor that takes up bandwidth. In the case of videos, that tends to take up a lot of bandwidth.

Finding Hosts That Can And Will Cope

The first step to choosing adult hosting is to find companies that do not have an ethical, moral, or megabyte based problem with hosting your site. Choosing a host isn’t the time to be bashful so if you are in any doubt having checked the terms and conditions then you should contact customer support and ask the question directly.

Disk Space And Bandwidth Offerings

Once you have a short list of those hosts that will accept adult websites then you should begin to look at disk space and at bandwidth. Generally, adult sites are among the very largest on the Internet. Some adult sites contain thousands of sets of images and videos and in each set is an hour of high quality video footage and a hundred top quality pictures. Your visitors want to see top quality pictures and video so that is what you need to provide.

Reliability And Performance

Network reliability and performance is also a massively influential factor. Your website must be online to be making money. But don’t forget that you’re in one of the most competitive markets on the Internet and so a quick loading website that is never down is a commodity and not a luxury. You need to find a host that understands this as clearly as you demand it. This is why choosing specialist adult hosting providers is usually the best bet.

Support Infrastructure

When choosing any web host it is vital that they offer a level of support and technical support that you can rely on. The very best hosts will generally still suffer from some downtime even if only occasionally. During these times you need to be able to contact somebody to discuss the problems. Other problems will invariably arise throughout the life of your hosting account. Always remember that there is a big difference between customer support and technical support. An effective technical support system is one that has knowledgeable technicians on hand to answer your queries and help resolve any issues.

Using Your Own Server

Some webmasters choose adult hosting accounts for non-adult based websites because of the combination of reliability and increased bandwidth and disk space that they generally offer. Of course there are options other than shared hosting accounts. Owning your own server may be costly but it gives you the ultimate in flexibility and functionality. Problems can occur though when trying to provide adequately sized housing with the appropriate equipment, security, and conditions. The next best alternative is a dedicated hosting account.

Dedicated Server Hosting Accounts

Dedicated hosting provides you with the use of an entire server as well as the flexibility and functionality that this offers. You don’t need to include software that you won’t use and you have the scope to install anything you require. Disk space and bandwidth allowance still exist but they are by no means as restrictive as with shared hosting and are equaled only by owning a server. However, there is no need to provide a server room or micromanage the server and its climate.

Making Sure You Have The Resource

Adult sites really can generate a lot of traffic and once the word about your site is out, then you can expect the amount of traffic you receive to increase significantly. If you’ve done your homework properly and are using the best possible hosting then this won’t cause a problem. The increased number of visitors leads to a greater bandwidth requirement which is good news for you so long as you are posed to take advantage with a fully operational website that is always available and always runs quickly and smoothly.

Adult Hosting Conclusion

The list of web hosts can often seem like a mine field at the best of times but when you factor in an adult content based website it becomes potentially even more difficult. Large traffic figures and a decent sized website with downloadable pictures and videos make adult sites real resource drainers. Adult hosting providers specialize in providing the best solutions to any of these problems.

As well as shared hosting you might want to consider the use of a dedicated server, or if resources will allow it you could even consider the purchase of your own server. Both these solutions allow greater flexibility in terms of the size of your site and the bandwidth you need every month and while both cost more than shared hosting, a dedicated server hosting account is the more affordable of the two.