Michael Cheney's AdSense Videos

If you are currently in the Internet marketing industry or are considering giving Internet marketing a try, then you definitely want to learn more about AdSense.

The potential to make massive amounts of money using AdSense is very real and thousands of people have already made a great deal with this program. For those of you who may be hearing about this for the first time, this is probably the most important letter you will ever read. AdSense is the overwhelmingly popular and successful advertisement-serving program that is administered by Google. If you own a website, membership in this program will allow you to start enabling image, text and video ads on your website. These ads then generate revenue on a pay per click basis, meaning that the affiliate is paid every time the advertisement is clicked, regardless is the visitor who clicks actually buys something or not.

AdSense has surged in popularity because AdSense ads are typically less annoying and intrusive than most banner or pop-up ads, and they are also more likely to be relevant to the subject matter of the website, increasing the likelihood that the prospect will take an interest in the advertisement and actually click on it.

Michael Cheney, a seasoned expert in making money using AdSense, has created an exciting new program to help you build multiple streams of income with these ads. Michael has created a series of intense, step by step videos that will help you make some serious money online. If you are ready to start making a significant increase in your AdSense earnings, you have come to the right place.

Michael’s AdSense Videos will teach you everything you need to know about setting up an AdSense account, implementing AdSense ads on your website, building your content and attracting visitors to your website or affiliate site. Since the majority of Internet marketing tutorials are usually offered in a PDF or e-book format, you may be wondering why Michael chose to use a video format to teach his money making AdSense techniques. The main reason why he chose this format is because it is the quickest and easiest way to learn the material. Why spend hours pouring over a book or PDF file when you can simply view in real time what you need to learn to make money using AdSense. All you have to do is view the videos online and go through all the steps that Michael outlines. You will literally be able to look over Michael’s shoulder and see how he makes thousands of dollars every single month using AdSense. These videos provide a blueprint for you to follow and incorporate in your own marketing and promotional strategy. You can literally copy everything you see Michael do in the videos to generate massive amounts of revenue.

The series contains nine informative and comprehensive videos that show you everything you need to know about AdSense by uncovering the secrets of the people who are consistently top earners on AdSense, how to come out on top of the competition, and what critical things you must do in order to make money using AdSense.

You will also learn how to lay strong foundations and carve out a profitable niche for yourself. You will find out what the single most important factor is for choosing a quality niche market, how to locate, create and use the best content for your website or affiliate site, how to quickly and easily get a hold of original, quality content that can be used in connection with your AdSense ads and how to increase your earnings by making simple changes to your AdSense profile. Building quality content is a critical element to website and affiliate site promotion, so Michael spends a lot of time going over how to create content that cannot or will not be found anywhere else, how to avoid duplicate content penalties and fees, and how to find content absolutely free.

You will also learn how to maximize your earnings by using methods that are guaranteed to generate a high number of clicks for your ads. Michael will also show you where are the best locations to place your ads and what formats you should use to make the most amount of money. Michael will also show you what traps you should avoid and what secret techniques you must use in order to get a higher amount of clicks per page and triple your click-through rate. You will also learn how to "test run" your ads and your campaigns for progress and how to track the productivity and effectiveness of your AdSense advertisements. As an added bonus, you will also get over 25,000 free articles for use in helping you build your AdSense campaigns in addition to over a list of over 30,000 revenue-generating keywords that are guaranteed to bring in tons or high-quality, targeted traffic to your website or affiliate site. You will also get exclusive access to a keyword tracking tool that will help you precisely monitor what's working for your campaigns and what is not. Michael will also show you how to increase your earning potential by showing you what you need to do to ensure constant and continued growth for your Internet marketing business.  You will learn how to make more money without having to add or create more pages or websites, how to get Google to pay you more and how to start making your money work for you and build multiple streams of residual income.

If you have used or purchased other "make money online" products out there, some of Michael's advice may sound unconventional to you. For example, maybe you have heard or read other self-proclaimed "experts" advise to create tons of websites and plaster your ads all over cyberspace if you want to make a decent living being an Internet marketer. Michael strongly disagrees with this train of thought, and for good reason. First of all, this is a great deal of work. You would have to spend hours at the computer seven days a week, 365 days a year in order to put out the number of websites the experts recommend in order to promote your products and services. This does not even include the additional time you will have to spend performing routing maintenance, technical support and search engine optimization on these sites once they have been created. Second, the practice of creating hundreds of affiliate sites and landing pages that all have the same content or advertising the same products and services is quickly losing favor with just about all of the major search engines and Internet Service Providers.

This practice is becoming widely known as spamdexing, and many people are opposed to it. They argue that these tactics are unethical and deceptive because they result in certain websites receiving a higher ranking on the search engines than what they truly deserve. Thousands of web surfers have complained about the practice as well, claiming that they are directed to a website only to be bombarded with solicitations, banner ads and pop-ups that have little or no relevance to the subject matter the visitor was originally looking for or interested in. Search engines and Internet Service Providers have responded to the criticism, and have now taken aggressive steps to prevent and discourage the use of spamdexing. Many Internet marketers have been banned from search engines and ISPs for engaging in spamdexing. So now you see why Michael is not a fan of the "build a billion sites" methodology. As a matter of fact, Michael has less than ten websites and still gets a higher click-through rate and makes more money that people who have hundreds of sites! His videos will show you step by step how you can enjoy the same amount of success he has (or maybe even more) without having hundreds of websites.

Thousands of people have already reported massive improvements in their sales and revenue after viewing the AdSense Videos. Michael Cheney’s AdSense Videos is without question the best Internet marketing tutorial on the market today! The series will show you how to receive a ton of clicks for your ads by making a few small changes to your website, advertisements or overall marketing strategy. If you don’t have this valuable information and are trying to make a living using AdSense, then you are missing out on a truly golden opportunity. Instead of spending hours day in and day out trying to round up more traffic for your website or affiliate site, you will learn how to increase your AdSense income by increasing your click rate. After applying Michael’s money-making techniques, you can see your click rate double in as little as 24 hours!

The strategies covered in the videos are so simple at a child can do it, yet so powerful that you will see a significant improvement in your sales performance and profits in a very short period of time. Many people have seen their AdSense revenue increase as much as 34% within hours of implementing the techniques taught in AdSense Videos. Michael has managed to condense years of research, testing and trial and error into a clear, concise and comprehensive series of powerful instructional videos. Michael literally teaches you everything he knows about making money using AdSense. You can actually look over Michael’s shoulder and view how he makes over $19,000 a month using Google AdSense! These videos contain tips, suggestions and ideas that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. There is so much valuable information contained in these videos that you will find yourself going back to reference the material over and over again.

If you have struggled with trying to make money using AdSense in the past, you must give these videos a try! One of the great things about Michael Cheney’s AdSense videos is that it does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro-everyone can learn something using Michael’s system. The videos also include interactive and informative scripts that will help you grab the attention of your visitors. Regardless of your skill level or expertise, these videos will show you how to earn an excellent income using AdSense.

Maybe you have been burned in the past by other “make money online” products, spending hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on products that had very little information to offer and promoted expensive products and software instead. If this has happened to you in the past, rest assured that the AdSense Videos only focus on practical and solid information and does not spend one second trying to promote additional goods and services. And unlike many other “how-to” products out there, Michael shows you how to perform many common operations yourself, saving you a considerable amount of money. When you subscribe to Michael’s system, you will get quality and useful information that is proven and guaranteed to make you money! You will not find sales pitches for other products and services, suggestions to create hundreds of junk websites, or untried theories here. Rest assured that you are only getting the highest quality instruction available.

Another thing that makes Michael Cheney’s AdSense Videos stand out from everything else that is out there is that it does not spend time telling you what should work, it tells you what does work.

The videos are not based in theories or hypotheticals; it is based on tried and proven techniques that Michael himself has used to make thousands of dollars every single week using Google AdSense ads. Using the right strategy is key to having any reasonable amount of success and the AdSense Videos help you create, develop and implement a strategy that is conducive for just about any AdSense endeavor. Even if you are already working with AdSense and consider yourself an expert in the field, you will still learn a great deal from the wide variety of suggestions and tips that are included in each and every video. Michael’s direct and simple teaching style will help you learn all the tolls and skills necessary to become a money making AdSense machine. There is so much information to be learned about this subject that it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Michael understands this, and that’s why he makes a diligent effort to keep his lessons as simple as possible. These video tutorials guide you step by step on how to make the most out of your AdSense campaigns. The video format simplifies the concepts a great deal and makes them much easier to follow as opposed to reading an e-book. You stand to profit a great deal from watching these videos. Michael’s system is like having your own personal coach guiding you step by step on what you need to do to make money using AdSense.

These videos also come with some exciting bonus features. For no additional cost, AdSense Video subscribers will also have exclusive access to the Online Profits E-zine. This e-zine contains countless helpful hints for improving your online marketing methods. You will also learn about the new AdSense strategies to hit the market. Thousands of Internet marketers and website owners already subscribe to the Online Profits E-Zine and are benefiting from its advice every single day. A one-year subscription to the Online Profits E-Zine costs $97, but AdSense Video subscribers will get the e-zine absolutely free-for life! You will also gain access to the AdSense Traffic Stampede course. This exclusive instructional video will show you how to have constant streams of traffic coming to your website or affiliate site every single day. The course will also teach you how to legally and ethically score a higher ranking on all of the major search engines and how to put your keywords in specific places that are guaranteed to attract more attention and generate more traffic for your site. The course will also show you how to find plenty of quality links for your website or affiliate site and find quality partners for mutually beneficial link exchange agreements.

In addition to the e-zine and the AdSense Traffic Stampede, you also gain access to the link Mastery Seminar. This hour-long MP3 file will show you how to locate, contact and establish high-quality reciprocal links. This seminar alone costs nearly 300 dollars, but comes included in the AdSense Video package absolutely free! You will also receive “The World’s Most Powerful Internet Marketing Secret”, an e-book that will show you how to write compelling and convincing sales articles and how to improve your conversion rate. And last but not least, you will also gain access to the AdSense Clinic, a special tutorial that conducts real life case studies on several websites and points out what they are doing correctly in addition to what needs improvement. The Clinic will also show you how to get more clicks from every single page and to learn from the mistakes made by other website owners. The AdSense Videos and the bonuses are delivered to you electronically by instant access to a secure part of Michael’s website once you purchase the system.

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