AccuWeb Hosting: Windows & Linux Options

AccuWebHosting offers two main web hosting plans: Windows and Linux. Each has three levels of options available. Aside from web hosting options are domain name registration and SSL certification.

The Windows Shared Hosting plans include a Starter Plan, a Mid Plan, and a Standard Plan. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also all come with unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and sub domains. Website Builder is also included if you prefer to build the site yourself and get it up and running quickly. The differences come in disk space (150MB, 300MB, 1,000MB respectively) and file transfer (30GB, 50GB, 100GB respectively). These plans are great for anyone looking to establish an online presence or small businesses just starting up.

The Linux Web Hosting Plans also have a lot to offer. Just like the Windows plans, there are three Linux options with different levels of features. The Starter Plan starts at $4.00 a month and offers 5GB of storage space, 20GB bandwith, and 150 email accounts. The Linux Mid Plan starts at $7.00 a month and offers 10GB of storage space, 50GB bandwith, and unlimited email accounts. The Linux Professional Plan starts at $17.95 a month and offers 20GB of storage space, 100GB bandwith, and also has unlimited email accounts. These plans are better for those looking to bump up their web presence or for more established small to medium sized businesses.

If you’re only interested in registering a domain name, AccuWebHosting has this service available for $7.99 a year. They also have a Website Builder if you’re just looking to create a website or make enhancements to one that you currently have. It offers over a 1,000 templates and runs about $18 a year. This allows you to build a nice-looking website, without dishing out money to a web design team. The variety of templates ensures that your website will not look like every other one out there and that you will be able to find one that you are excited about.

Also available are Windows and Linux Reseller Plans. Reseller plans allow you to either maintain multiple sites at a discounted rate, or sell them to others at a discounted rate. That choice is yours. The monthly fees are different for each level, depending on how many domains you are reselling, and the setup fees also vary. Reseller account features include web based email operation, all the international domain support, reseller web based control panel, full DNS zone file edit, and full directory security control to name a few. The Linux Reseller plans operate much the same way, although they have unlimited domains associated with them and there is a set $20 setup fee applied to monthly payment.

If you’ve outgrown the shared servers, AccuWebHosting offers Dedicated Server Plans as well for Windows and Linux users. If it’s Ecommerce support you’re looking for, they offer a partnership with Cardservice International to help facilitate your online selling presence by setting up a Merchant Account for you. They have 24-hour customer service, have a dedicated merchant website, and accept a variety of payment methods like credit cards, checks, debit cards, and gift and royalty cards.

Every plan also has the full support of their technical staff. There’s a backup power generator for added protection in the event of an outage. If there’s any technical issues that require attention, AccuWebHosting has a 24/7 onsite staff as well as 24/7 facilities monitoring. Users need to log in to the AccuWebHosting Support Helpdesk in order to submit any technical, billing, or sales related issues. They also offer a live chat option with an operator for real-time support as well as an email option. They vow to have a response to you in under 8 hours. Also available are discussion forums, plus Knowledge Base and FAQ. All in all, AccuWebHosting wants to make sure that you have the resources you need to keep your website running as smoothly as possible.