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1&1 Internet Ltd: User Opinion

A Booming Web Hosting Provider Serving the UK
1&1 Internet Ltd. is by far one of the largest and rapidly expanding web hosting providers serving the UK. 1&1 Internet Ltd. boasts a track record of over 12 years in the web hosting businesses (that’s almost as long as convenient public Internet access has been around) and currently has 4.7 million satisfied users subscribing to their service. To top it off, another 2,500 customers sign up each and every day. This brings the total number of domain names registered with the company at just about 5 million.

No matter why you need a hosting solution, 1&1 Internet Ltd. has an answer for you.

Their packages are not only easy on your wallet, but they also allow you to choose a hosting combination that is perfect for your situation and needs. They can cater to the casual consumer, who only wants a small website, as well as to business individuals, who run mid-sized companies. The solutions you will find are complete, from registering your domain name to setting up a way for customers to buy products directly from your website.

Even if you are an Internet novice, you will be able to register and set up a website through 1&1 Internet Ltd.with little or no trouble at all.

Don’t know HTML or any other programming language? No problem! 1&1 Internet Ltd. offers you programs that will do all the hard wok for you. All you need to do is know how you want your website set up, choose the template of your liking, and point and click where you want everything to go. You can even retrieve the HTML and save it so that you don’t have to do all of the work over again, if you decide to move your website or create new identical pages later on down the road. You can be off and ready to go in minutes!

Customer service is a #1 priority at 1&1 Internet Ltd., where you can contact an experienced technical support team via the phone or an e-mail message.

Waiting time is little when calling by phone and e-mail requests are answered at top speed. This is one of the most important issues you should consider when choosing a hosting provider. That’s because, if you don’t get good customer service or technical support and have to wait for days to get your issues fixed, it can cause significant downtime for your website. If you are building a personal website, this may not be a big issue for you but, for someone running a business website, this can mean a chunk of lost profits. The more reliable your hosting provider’s customer service is, the better you can serve your own online customers.

If you are looking for a company that has been around and that will stay around for a long time to come, then 1&1 Internet Ltd. is the right choice for you.

This company was established over seven years ago and is currently beginning other endeavors in additional countries, including the United States. Not only does 1 & 1 Internet Ltd. have a history that every trustworthy hosting provider should, but they also have a definite future in the industry. By sticking with a long-time hosting provider that you can rely on, you won’t be taken advantage of by a fly-by-night company who may be gone tomorrow.

If you need a new hosting provider, whether it is because you would like to switch from an existing provider or want to build a brand new website, check into 1&1 Internet Ltd. to see if they offer a package that fits your needs. Chances are that you will find the perfect solution for your business or personal website and be able to know what it is like to be hosted by one of the best providers in the UK.